Monday, 18 February 2013

Wow! quilts by Abby.

Abby is a regular at Millie Moon Sewing club. She has been coming along for a while now, and always has a quilt on the go. This month we were all amazed as she brought in the two memory quilts she has been working on for her girls. They were fantastic and I asked her if we could pop them on to our blog. 

Over to Abby:

I started quilting in June, My brother and sister-in-law were expecting their first baby, and I thought a baby patchwork would be a perfect present. They didn't know if they were going to have a boy or a girl so it had to be suitable for both. So the binding was a dark material with tiny strawberries on, and the patches were mixtures of colourful dotted material, ladybirds, frogs and stripes. They had a lovely little girl in September, and she loves the quilt.

 I then made a similar one for my nephew, with jars of insects and more boyish material.

Then I made the quilts for my daughters christmas presents (pictured), these were a much bigger task as not only are they six times the size of the ones I had done for the babies, but I had to try to do them without them realising. As well as buying special materials with designs that suited them, I also bought all the baby grows and beautiful clothes that I couldn't part with when they had grown out of them down from the attic. After a large glass of wine I managed to build up the courage to cut them up . My mum bought round some clothes from when I was a baby for me to use, and she also made the buttonholes for the pockets as I didn't have a clue.The hardest patch were the coca-cola ones. I traced the writing from
the label of a cola bottle, then cut it out and pinned it to the fabric then cut round it, but it was very fiddely. My favourite patches have all the funny things they used to say as toddlers embroidered onto it. Its nice to look at them and remember. The girls favourite patches are one of the pockets with a laminated four leaf clover in them that we found on a walk one day, (luckily we found two or that could have been awkward) and the marmite and nutella jars. I have just finished making a single quilt for my eldest niece, which I hope she will like. I have also made my girls a couple of dresses. It is a fairly new hobby but one I enjoy very much, I have met some new friends through the Milliemoon sewing club, and they are always happy to help if I have any questions.

Millie Moon Sewing club meets on the 1st tuesday of every month in the Frome shop 6-8pm 
Come along and bring a project, meet new friends, and chat over a cup of tea and cake. 
Next one is 5th March

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