Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's day! ... How to make Lavender hearts

Beautiful simple lavender hearts make wonderful gifts and will add to a room. Here's the recipe... 

Your ingredients: You will need...

Step 1
Place your fabric right sides together
Draw around our template

Step 2
Attach the ribbon you want to use for hanging, inside the fabric in the right position and pin 

Step 3

Sew around the shape, leaving a small opening ready for stuffing

Step 4

Cut out the heart, leaving a small seam allowance. Around the curved sections make small cuts in the fabric. (make sure you dont cut through the thread) and turn through to the right side.

Step 5

Stuff the heart using polyester toy stuffing and add a small amount of lavender

Step 6

Sew up the gap using small slip stitch 

Just gorgeous and Sew Simple!

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