Monday, 21 January 2013

New Lampshade workshop at Millie Moon

Introducing our new Lampshade workshops with the lovely Harriet from Podgy Pigeon.

On Tuesday evening, Harriet came along to the Frome shop for the first workshop session. 6 keen students were ready and willing. The evening started off with the difficult bit. What fabric to choose?
Now this was more taxing than we thought so a cup of tea was definitely needed. Once we had all finally picked our 1/2 metre of fabric, Harriet was talking through the materials and tools needed and demonstrating the first step.

Such concentration on everyones faces!  It became quite intense and there was a lot of holding our breaths and big deep sighs..

Vickie, Jo and Sarah ready for the big peel

Careful Becki! are you sure its     straight?

Now for the tricky bit, this could be a two man job...

Sarah and Gaynor's team-work

Becki and Elvis.... "got my hat, whens the wedding"

The Groups finished lampshades. A mix of colour pattern and design. Each unique to their maker. Now time for another cup of tea and some chocolate cake. A really fun workshop with no sewing!

Here is mine, on its base in my new grown up lounge. Just beautiful!
I had a great evening, learning a new craft in the new year. I hope to make another very soon for the standard lamp in the corner of the room. Just waiting for those kits to arrive from Harriet. 

Why don't you have go?  
by Rachel x 

Workshops with Harriet at the Frome Shop:
Monday 18th February 10.30-1.30pm
Monday 25th March 10.30-1.30pm
£40 including all materials and refreshments

Coming soon - Lampshade kits available to buy from Millie Moon 

Take a look at Harriets work. She takes commissions for lampshades if you don't want to make your own.                
Podgy Pigeon is on Facebook and Twitter

Thursday, 17 January 2013

What do I do with a layer cake?

Two cut Quilt

Hi, this is Becki and I have been tweeting about my layer cake quilt. The tweeters have asked for it as a blog post so here we go. 
We often get asked what you do with a layer cake? A layer cake is a MODA name for a bundle of 10" pre-cut squares. A MODA bundle contains about 42 squares, easily enough for a single quilt. A Riley Blake bundle has about 24 squares. In this demonstration I am using a Riley Blake bundle called 'Sunny Skies". 

This is a quick 'two cut' quilt. 
Cut you entire stack into two. 
1 section 6" and 1 section 4"

Flip your smaller sections pile upside down 
and then join the pieces back together
 taking from the tops of the piles.

Cut these blocks in half to create your '2nd cut' 

Flip and turn one pile, then taking from the tops again join back together.

Thats it! now lay out your blocks turning them 90 degrees as you go, putting them in any order you like.

Sew your blocks into strips

And sew your strips together. 
Add some sashing or a boarder if you like then quilt or tie. 

Good luck and enjoy. 
Becki x

Moda Layer cakes and Riley Blake bundles available in our shops and on our website Free postage. A FEW sale ones left. Maybe a christmas quilt for next year?