Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New arrivals!

There are few new arrivals in the shops that we thought you might like to see...
First up are these delightful prints from Riley Blake:
The combination of orange, blues and browns is fresh, and would be perfect for any number of sewing projects for little (or big!) people.

Secondly, we are now stocking these delightful blue, white and red print fabrics from Westfalenstoffe:
I have the perfect quilt design in my head for these - they have a beautiful Scandinavian feel to them.

And last but by no means least, we are now stocking a range of the hugely popular Colette dress and blouse patterns:
If you read any sewing blogs, then you are bound to have seen some of these beautiful patterns made into gorgeous dresses. Here are a few of my favourite examples of finished Rooibos dresses:
Ruby Slippers

If you would like to get your hands on any of these items, then do call the shop (01373 464650). Did you know that you can now leave details of gifts you would like to receive? The perfect answer if your friends and family aren't sure what you might like! Just ask in store to add some items to our gift list book.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Freemotion Machine Embroidery

Hi! It's Angela here. I would love to tell you a bit about my Freemotion Machine Embroidery classes. Let me tell you a little about a class I recently ran...

Freemotion Machine Embroidery is a technique where you use the sewing machine to draw - the needle and thread act like a pencil and you can produce some exciting and unique work. Alternatively, it's a way to add your creative touch to finish off your projects. It's only once you begin to experiment and practise with freemotion embroidery will you become confident. Don't expect perfection! It's generally the wobbly lines and imperfections that make the work stand out.
We begin the class by attaching the embroidery foot and setting up the machine. The clever thing about this technique is that you generally have everything you need already. Once that is done, we dive right in with different techniques to build your confidence and control over machine. You are also shown techinques on how to 'colour in', how to sketch and follow intricate designs. Once you are happy with the techniques, we use them to build your own picture design.
In this particular class, we had a range of abilities and ages, who used the technique in diverse ways - to build a picture, to create text and to apply surface pattern. I was very impressed at how quickly everyone adjusted to the technique and also their enthusiasim for it - some even worked through lunch!!

The next Beginner's Freemotion Machine Embroidery class is on Sunday 22nd Jan 2012 from 10.30am to 3pm and costs £55 including materials. Do call the Frome shop if you would like to book a place in a class (01373 464650).
Rosie was really pleased with her finished owl!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Introducing... Becki Noble

Becki will be well known to most regular customers of Millie Moon. She co-owns the shops with her sister Rachel. It has taken us a little while, but we've tracked Becki down, and interrogated her. Read on to find out more...

1) How did you learn to sew?
I have always been crafty (I think I came out the womb with a glue stick in my hand!), but I can't really remember when I started stitching. Whilst doing my art foundation course, I realised it could be more than just a guilty secret thanks to a very enthusiastic tutor, who persuaded me to do a fashion degree. (Much to my parents' horror I think, though they never said. I wanted to be a sensible teacher before that!)

Becki really enjoys cross stitching.
2) What sorts of things do you like to make?
I love projects that I can do in an afternoon. If they take too long, I get bored and something else comes along that I have to do right away. My home is full of unfinished projects that I have to make myself finish when I run out of space. I have recently re-found my love for dressmaking, due to our lovely tutor Anne, but again it has to be quick and simple. I must admit that I have a passion for cross stitch. I love the fact I can pick it up and put it down, but again it's got to be small pieces. On a recent romantic trip to London, my husband was shocked to find me get it out on the train (the cross stitch that is!) and very quickly pretended not to know me! I'm not very good at photographing anything, which I must start doing, so can I have a camera for Christmas, please Santa?

3) What gadget could you not live without having?
I don't really have a favourite sewing gadget or supply, I am not terribly loyal to anything as I don't look after my tools. They tend to be scattered around the house, which I know is bad. I do love a good magazine, but read so many I wouldn't know where to start. I guess I would be lost without an unpicker and my daughter's critical eye. She always gets it right when I can't decide.

4) Who or what inspires you to create?
I am really into the whole Scandinavian look at the moment and keep stroking the pile of classic Westfalenstoffe fat quarters that I have got from the new range that has just arrived in the shop. I have a terrible habit of not being able to cut my latest fabric purchase, as no project is ever good enough for them! Until the next bundle comes along that is!

Thanks so much for talking to us Becki! We look forward to seeing you in the shop soon.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Blog Review: Make Me A Dress

From quilting to gorgeous vintage-style dresses! This week's blog review takes us to see the delights of Make Me a Dress.
Alexandra's Pink Elephants dress
©Alexandra King
Alexandra has been blogging since late 2008, and her posts record the development of her online bridal and womenswear label, Make Me a Dress, but the blog is so much more than that. Her vintage dress designs are completely inspiring, and the photography is absolutely beautiful as well.  Alexandra takes inspiration from a wide range: 'golden age' couture, old movies and 1950s fashion, and a love of bows.

This is one of Alexandra's many
inspiring dresses ©Alexandra King

Alexandra has just started using Millie Moon fabrics in her designs and is a big fan of the Michael Miller prints which work very well with the style of dress she makes. Recently, Alexandra has made a beautiful dress with Michael Miller's "Pink Elephants" including a rock 'n' roll petticoat. The dress is currently on display in the Wells shop and will be moving to the Frome window very soon.

Girl's dresses also feature trimmings
from Millie Moon ©Alexandra King
Anna Vickery also works with Alexandra, and she has just whipped up some adorable girl's dresses. Do you recognise the lovely buttons on this lovely bright paisley dress?

Next year Alexandra has kindly offered to do two workshops with Millie Moon in the Wells shop. Choose from, rock 'n' roll petticoats and 50's swing skirts. Please see our website for more information.