Thursday, 1 December 2011

Blog Review: Make Me A Dress

From quilting to gorgeous vintage-style dresses! This week's blog review takes us to see the delights of Make Me a Dress.
Alexandra's Pink Elephants dress
©Alexandra King
Alexandra has been blogging since late 2008, and her posts record the development of her online bridal and womenswear label, Make Me a Dress, but the blog is so much more than that. Her vintage dress designs are completely inspiring, and the photography is absolutely beautiful as well.  Alexandra takes inspiration from a wide range: 'golden age' couture, old movies and 1950s fashion, and a love of bows.

This is one of Alexandra's many
inspiring dresses ©Alexandra King

Alexandra has just started using Millie Moon fabrics in her designs and is a big fan of the Michael Miller prints which work very well with the style of dress she makes. Recently, Alexandra has made a beautiful dress with Michael Miller's "Pink Elephants" including a rock 'n' roll petticoat. The dress is currently on display in the Wells shop and will be moving to the Frome window very soon.

Girl's dresses also feature trimmings
from Millie Moon ©Alexandra King
Anna Vickery also works with Alexandra, and she has just whipped up some adorable girl's dresses. Do you recognise the lovely buttons on this lovely bright paisley dress?

Next year Alexandra has kindly offered to do two workshops with Millie Moon in the Wells shop. Choose from, rock 'n' roll petticoats and 50's swing skirts. Please see our website for more information.

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Alexandra King, Independent Bridal and Womenswear Designer said...

Thank you for this lovely, lovely blog post. I can't wait to start the workshops, it should be very fun!