Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Interview with Lu Summers by @scissorsandthread

At the recent Fat Quarterly Community Retreat in London I took a class 
with Lu Summers, designer of the new Summersville range for Moda which 
launched this April. I took the opportunity to ask her some questions . . .* 

Lu Summers
Photo by Scissorsandthread

*How did you get started? Do you have a design background?* 

In a previous life I studied at Norwich School of Art & Design specialising 
in print making, ran a patchwork and quilting shop with my Mum for 5 years, 
had 2 children, opened an Etsy store where I sold paper collages and later 
screen printed fabric before designing for Moda. 

*Do you have a favourite print from the line?* 

Fall in red and Scandi in red 

*What do you think your line Summersville looks great in or with?* 

Obviously it looks great in quilts but it has been brilliant at retreat 
seeing it in different things such as a rucksack and baby trousers. It 
looks great paired with solids but I think people should mix it up a bit 
and try it with different solids than the main prints such as bright 
orange, dark teal and charcoal grey. 

photo by Lu Summers

*What sort of things do you make?* 

I make quilts but for walls not beds but I would never describe them as art 

*What is your favourite thing that you have made?* 

My big improv quilt. I have taught this style as a class a few times now 
and made some mini improv quilts too. 

*You are teaching your Portholes technique here at retreat which won Best 
Group Quilt at Festival of Quilts 2010. It's has a really unique look – how 
did you come up with the design?* 

My Mum told me about it over the phone, I said it would never work so I 
tried it and it did. I did circles and have also made quilts usually 
flowers and stars with the same technique. 

photo by Lu Summers
photo by Scissorsandthread

*Do you have a sewing or quilting tip?* 

Use your iron more! 

*Summersville features some great graphic prints – where do you get your 
inspiration from?* 

Living in the countryside but I also have a fascination with industrial 
estates and urban areas 

*Is that something we are going to see more of? When are we going to see 
more of you?* 

I have designed my second line for Moda which is at the Mill at the moment 
and I am waiting for samples. It launches in April 2013. 

*Now for some quick fire questions!* 

*Favourite colour? *Red 

*Fabourite food? *Sausages 

*Summer or winter? *Summer 

*Favourite tv show? *Mad Men 

*Marmite – love it or hate it? *I like it but I don't love it! 

*Favourite film? *The gangster one with Tom Hanks (we think she means Road 
to Perdition) 

*Favourite band: *Maroon 5 

*Chocolate or crisps? *Chocolate 

Photos by Lu Summers @flickr

Check out Lu's blog

A big thank you to @scissorsandthread for the interview and to Lu Summers for taking part. You can find out more about scissorsandthread on her blog

*Summersville is available in both Millie Moon shops in layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm 
packs and in yardage and on the website * 

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Anonymous said...

Fab interview! Now I just need to decide what to make with the yardage of Summersville that I have in my stash. :)