Monday, 25 June 2012

Anyone for tennis?

What a year for celebration!  We've had the Diamond Jubilee, it'll soon be the London Olympics and in the meantime Wimbledon starts on June 25th.  

Now, I've not got the best record with tennis, my friend Lisa and I used to spend our PE lessons hitting our ball into the outside swimming pool.  My Mother In Law is coming to stay this week and loves to watch the tennis tournament on TV.  I usually just dip into it through the Sports News headlines at 10pm.  I prefer the cultural traditions that occur such as; the queues around the block, the crowds singing in the rain, applauding the rain covers being removed and play being stopped by an errant pigeon- to the actual games!  I'm not so good at sitting still doing nothing during the day because I have a little haberdashery devil sat on my shoulder telling me I could be sewing!  I think a good compromise might be for me to keep the elder Mrs. F company  watching Wimbledon using appropriately themed fabrics and trimmings such as these juicy little numbers we have in store.  Mmm, strawberries, now that's something I can get excited by!

Pretty lace trim bias binding

strawberry bias binding

lots of strawberry printed cotton fabric
By Vickie, Fromemaid

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Callies Cottage said...

Love them all,so pretty-now to order some sun..
Callie x