Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Olympic Flame in Wells

Hello hello, what a lovely day its been, perfect for the Olympic Flame making its journey through Wells. Our fabulous shop in Wells was lucky enough to be on the direct route. The skies were mighty blue and the crowds out with there flags all waiting in anticipation, I was surprisingly quite excited and waiting to capture a picture of the torch bearer.....

...doh, I got too excited and snapped too early!! I got the guys just before the torch bearer, disappointment! Note to self....practise my photography skills and trust anyone other than myself to take important pictures!!

Oh well, to cheer up myself I took some pics of our lovely Jubilee window display and of the lovely new fabrics we had in. Yes you heard correct - new fabrics! Going on the Jubilee theme with more red and blue but in a very subtle way. Just have a look.

Bye for now,
Angela (hanging my head in shame!)

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