Friday, 4 May 2012

More from the Wells WI

The ladies of the Wells WI have been working on a Bunting Project. Each flag has been designed and made by a different member of the WI.

We have the bunting displayed in our Wells shop window, pop along and take a look at their work.  They have used a variety of appliqué, embroidery, buttons, and embellishments to make each flag unique.

Also, since our evening with the WI, we have had quite a few of the ladies in the shop to make more corsages, try new projects, sign up on workshops and even show us some of their work. 
Here is Suzanne's free motion embroidery cards, inspired by the lovely Angela. 

Finally an apology, there was a problem with the photos on the last WELLS WI post. Hopefully I have sorted this now, go back and take a look at the post again from FRIDAY 27th April

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