Tuesday, 17 June 2014

New Patterns from Anna Vickery

Hello, Anna here again to introduce you to my second instalment of sewing patterns for childrens clothing!

The first 3 patterns seem to have gone down really well - thank you all for your lovely comments and feedback, it’s been fab to see photos of all the dresses you have made on the Millie Moon facebook page, please keep them coming……

I’ve come up with 4 new patterns for the summer,

 I think my favourite is the dungaree dress, it looks like it would be really comfortable to wear and I love a skirt with pockets. 

There is also a rock n roll style dress with a full circle skirt, the pattern for this one looks a bit scary because of the size of the skirt, but it’s well worth it for the way it drapes and falls, perfect for dancing and twirling in. 

The third dress is a summer sundress, based on the pinafore dress shape, but with little tie straps and patch pockets, lets hope we get some nice weather for it.

 And the fourth pattern is, drum roll…., a shirt for little boys! We’ve often said what clothes can we make for boys, and there are some brilliant boys fabrics in Millie Moon at the moment, so here it is - I hope to be able to offer this as a workshop soon too.

As a special thank you to everyone that has purchased patterns, and hopefully to those who will soon i’ve written a little free diy for you to make a net petticoat that would be perfect to go with the new rock n roll dress or party dress from the first batch of patterns (or any other dresses/skirts your little girls have with full skirts, or even to wear on it’s own over leggings!) Enjoy x

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