Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sewing Sisters

Eliza M Ruby Dress Pattern 

Well we finally had 5 minutes to do a bit of sewing. We both decided to make a dress for our 5th birthday, so we went for the Eliza M Vintage sewing patterns.  Becki chose the Daisy dress and I chose the Ruby dress. 
Eliza M Daisy Dress Pattern

That was the easy part as we have both chosen patterns that flatter our shapes, the hard part was choosing the fabric. 

Becki settled on a Moda print  'Beacon Cove'  with Lobsters. Bright and summery and perfect for this weather we are having at the moment. Using approx 3metres of fabric for the full skirt the dress cost £44.50 (plus pattern) Not bad for a summer frock.

Becki in the lobster Daisy dress 
I decided to go for a simple denim which will be a great staple in the wardrobe all year, but also an inexpensive way to test the pattern out. But, now I've made it successfully, which fabric next?? I added a red polka dot bias to trim the armholes and the neck. In total my dress cost me £12.30! (plus pattern) what a bargain. 

Rachel in the Denim Ruby dress
The patterns were easy to follow and simple to put together. We worked on the separately, and everything was going well until we got to the fitting. Then the text messages started to flow and a conversation on how to alter the shoulders began. It turns out that we both have strange shoulders and short bodies (blame the parents!) so we had to make similar alterations to the patterns. This was nice and simple and the dresses were finished in a day! 

We are both really pleased with them and had so many comments about them that we thought you might like to take a look. Its so nice to be able to say "I made that!" 

Rachel x

The Eliza M vintage sewing patterns are available to buy on our website £14 each and free postage. 

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