Monday, 3 December 2012

20% off at the Christmas Shopping Evening - Guess how many Fat Quarters..

Helloooo its Angela here, just a little random blogpost that I think you will like.

So one normal Millie Moon day in Wells I was cutting fat quarters - those who know me know that I'm a fan of cutting fat Quarters,, anyway whilst cutting away I thought to myself  "crikey I do cut a lot of Fat Quarters......I wonder how many I actually cut on a Millie Moon day........" and then I began to have a bit of a brainwave and jumped on the good old text to Becki and Rachel, and they also liked the idea....well actually Rachel's reply was (and I quote) "you are a nutter. Lets work a plan. Keep a count!"

So here I am in the Wells shop with my tally chart and my pile of spotty and plain fabric ready to start cutting and counting fat Quarters. But you're probably asking why am I counting fat Quarters, and this is where you come in.

As you already know (and have pencilled in the diary) the Millie Moon shopping evening is on Tuesday 4th December 6-8pm at the Frome Shop, And as an extra little thank you for all your support and custom this past year, Becki and Rachel and the team at Millie Moon would like to give you a chance to win a fat quarter bundle. All you have to do is to submit a guess with your purchase on the Millie Moon shopping evening, of how many fat quarters I have cut on this particular but regular Millie Moon day. The winner will be announced at the end of the evening. How easy is that, to win yourself some lovely fat quarters.

So where was I........ I started with spottys and plains, and then onto the beautiful Tildas. £18 per mtr or 4 Fat Quarters for £16. A bundle of these would make such a lovely Christmas present, some of my favourite fabrics in the whole shop come from the Tilda range. If I could I would have an envelope cushion in each and everyone of the Tilda would be like cushion heaven. Sorry getting distracted. Cut, cut, cut.

After filling up on Tilda I decided to tackle the fabric wall and all the Fat Quarters that live here (okay most of the fabrics that live here, we do have an awful lot of fabrics).  There came the Modas: Odds and Evens - Vintage Kids, which is a new range of fabrics......simply sublime. (I love the word sublime!) Cut, cut, cut.
The Moda fabrics are £14 per mtr or four Fat Quarters for £12.

And then the Moda - Simply Colour: some of our newest fabrics. Look how vibrant and lively they are.

And finally the last to cut the Moda - Marmalade Bunches (what a yummy name, I do wonder who comes up with them). Cut, cut ,cut. My favourite colour combination - aquas, reds and whites, I may just have to add some of these to my fabric stash, well I have been really good recently.

So can you guess how many fat Quarters were cut?
I have passed the figure to Becki and Rachel who will put it in the safe ready for the Millie Moon shopping evening, and the reveal. Good luck and I look forward to your guess and seeing you on the shopping evening. Just a bit of fun born from my random curiosity.

 P.S Tell all the other Millie Mooners too, someone has to win the fat quarters!

The christmas shopping evening takes place on TUESDAY 4th DECEMBER 6-8pm at the FROME SHOP. come along for mulled wine, mince pies and 20% all purchases (**excluding handmade, gift vouchers and workshops)


Crafty Helen said...

How could anyone not be distracted by Tilda fabric? Would love to come to the shopping evening...sigh...if only you were in Suffolk! XX

Millie Moon Shop said...

That a shame Helen, you couldn't make the shopping evening however we are having free postage and package on internet orders until 31st December, last Christmas post is next Monday. Happy shopping:)