Friday, 23 March 2012

Emergency Hats with Mary Jane Baxter

On Saturday 17th March, Mary Jane Baxter (author of Chic on a Shoestring) came to Millie Moon to teach us how to make emergency hats. We started off with a cereal box, and then chose some fabric to transform it into something pretty!


 It was interesting to see all the steps involved in making the hats, and after lots of cutting and gluing, we had created a beautiful hat to wear on any occasion!

 Not only did we learn how to make the hat, we were also shown how to make flowers, spotted veils, and other beautiful decorations! Now we also have the valuable knowledge of how to make the perfect accessory if we get invited to a party at the last minute! Everyone had a great time, and came away with a lovely unique vintage pillbox hat.

Thank you to Mary Jane and Millie Moon for a lovely afternoon!
Love Nancy x

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