Wednesday, 11 August 2010

We are on the MOVE

Very exciting times... Millie Moon haberdashery boutique and sewing school are moving. Yes we are going to a bigger more beautiful shop just across the road. We will have a permanent workshop area with more workshops taking place during the week as well as weekends and evenings.

The shop is much bigger and is so bright it will show off all the amazing fabrics, ribbons and buttons. Hopefully a bit more room for some new goodies... Looking at new suppliers now to find lovely things for you all.

I will keep you updated with the progress but we hope to be open in the next two weeks. The other shop is staying open until the last minute when we need to do the changeover. This is a picture of the new shop front, busy being painted by our lovely Dad.

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Button Patch said...

Lovely news. I'm glad you haven't gone too far from where you are now as its a great location. I look forward to looking at all your lovely fabrics, etc. Good luck.